Tablecloths and Placemats for Round Tables

Historically, the round table is associated with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  The table was apparently designed to prevent arguments regarding the seating arrangements.  A round table suggests equal status amongst the guests ~ avoiding disputes, particularly important when the Knights bear swords!  


Today, the round table is a lovely setting for entertaining.  Conversation flows easily and everyone is included.  Finding the perfect tablecloth, however, is sometimes a challenge.  Many Custom Round Tablecloths are available,but if you are looking for a standard tablecloth, here are a few suggestions. 

A Few Basics 

Round tables are available in many sizes, however, the most popular sizes are:

   50" Round ~ Seats 6 comfortably

   60" Round ~ Seats 8 comfortably

   70" Round ~ Seats 10 comfortably

   90" Round ~ Seats 12 comfortably

Standard tablecloths are usually available in the following sizes:    70" Round,   90"  Round,  108" Round, 120" Round

A standard tablecloth "drop" is 12".  This is based on the typical distance from the top of the table to the top of the chair.  Feel free to choose the "drop" that fits your style and taste.

The typical distance between the top of the table and the floor is 30".

To calculate the drop of a tablecloth, take the measurement of your round table at its widest, subtract that amount from the tablecloth diameter and divide by 2.  So, if you table is 60" wide and your tablecloth is 90" in diameter, you will have a 15" drop all around the table.  90" - 60" = 30"/2 = 15". 

Suggestions for a 50" Round Table
  A  70" round tablecloth will provide a 10" drop all around the table.  See Bodrum Leaves(70"), Garnier Thiebaut Mille Couleurs (71"), Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli (69") and Linen Way Stockholm (72").

  A 108" round tablecloth will provide a 29" drop, which is essentially to the floor.  Standard tablecloths in this size are usually solid colors. See Bodrum Leaves  and Bodrum Brussels

  A very current look is to use a square tablecloth on top of a round table.  If the table has great legs, there is no need for an underskirt.  If you prefer, use a 108" round tablecloth as an underskirt as mentioned above.  For square options see Beauville (67"), Bodrum (69"), Garnier Thiebaut (69"), Le Jacquard Francais (69"), or Linen Way (67").

Suggestions for a 60" Round Table

   A 90" round tablecloth will provide a 15" drop all around the table.  See Couleur Nature Fleur des Indes.  Many of the 90" rounds are solid colors.  See Bodrum Leaves (90"), Garnier Thiebaut (92", 93", 96"), or Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli (94").
   Some of the 90" round tablecloths are available in extra wide fabric so that there are no seams.  See Garnier Thiebaut and Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli.

   An 86" or  90" square tablecloth will also work.  See Garnier Thiebaut (91", 93"), Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli (94").

Suggestions for a 70" Round Table

  A 90" round tablecloth will provide a 10" drop all around the table.  Many of the +90" rounds are solid colors. See Bodrum Leaves (90", 108"), Garnier Thiebaut (92", 93", 96"),  Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli (94") and Linen Way Stockholm (87", 108").

An 86" or  90" square tablecloth will also work.  See Garnier Thiebaut (91", 93") and Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli (94").

Suggestions for a 90" Round Table

Some round tables extend to a 90" round table.   A standard size 108" tablecloth will provide a 9" drop all around the table. A standard 120" tablecloth will provide a 15" drop all around the table. A standard 130" tablecloth will provide a 20" drop. 

While there are several options for for 108" standard rounds, there are few standard 108" round tablecloths that are available without a seam.  I have not found a 120" round tablecloth without seams, however, I continue to search!  See  Bodrum Brussels (120"), Linen Way Stockholm(130").  

Of course, there are many options for Custom Round Tablecloths.  Contact our Concierge to discuss your possibilities!    

For more suggestions, explore our Round Tablecloth section!


If you have a beautiful table, there are times that you do not want to cover it, even with a beautiful tablecloth.  Let your table shine with placemats!  Placemats can be used for informal breakfasts, casual luncheons  or formal dinners.  They can be placed directly on the table or placed on top of a tablecloth. They are available in a wide variety of fabrics, shapes and textures.  

Traditional rectangle placemats generally work best on rectangle tables.  But there are many options for round tables:

Round Placemats

Sybaritic offers lots of choices in faux leather for those searching for round placemats. You can choose from over 100 fabrics and with the firm suedene backing, these placemats will last for years. They are available in 14", 16" and 18" round . 

Holly Stuart Design's placemats are inspired by block print designs from around the world. These placemats are backed in black, trimmed in gold and protected with three coats of low matte clear polyurethane.  Elegant and easy-care!

Square Placemats

Sybartic offers custom placemats in 14" and 15" squares or a 16" octagon.  You create you own faux leather placemat with a firm suedene backing. Lots of options!

Other Shapes

Oval placemats may also work on your round table. Unfortunately, ovals are not so easy to find.  The round placemat seems to be a more current look.  However, Sybaritic does offer an oval 13"x19".

Other options are a rounded edge rectangle 14"x18",  a 15" rounded edge square and an ellipse shape 15"x18", which is a rounded top and bottom edge and straight sides. 

Or try a "wedge" shape 14" straight bottom of the placemat which angles out to a 22" wide top of the placemat. Sybartic has other a few other interesting shapes that can work well for round tables.

 As always, contact our Concierge to discuss more possibilities!

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